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Fast Growth Software Company

The Client was the market leader in providing large software systems to a segment of the telecommunications industry, but they had outgrown their sales infrastructure by many orders of magnitude. At the same time, market technology was rapidly shifting from large, proprietary systems to open, distributed software systems. HB worked with the President to translate his future vision of the company into a honed message to the marketplace.

HB defined a recruiting strategy and recruited a global sales and marketing infrastructure to take the company to a new phase of growth. The existing organization of three sales people grew to over 30 individuals. As part of this growth, HB recruited global and regional sales and marketing management, in addition to many senior individual performers. The team produced more sales in the last quarter of their recent fiscal year than they had achieved in the previous two fiscal years combined

Environmental Engineering Company

The Client had enjoyed over thirty years of growth when a slowdown of new government environmental regulations greatly impacted the growth and profitability of the company. HB worked with the management team to identify key actions and milestones to turnaround the company. HB recruited the new president as well as key operational and marketing executives who understood the potential of the company. The new executive team made some hard decisions and started a rapid turnaround. The company has now enjoyed over 16 consecutive quarters of profitability and is the leader in Impaired Property Redevelopment and Site Remediation.

Pre IPO Technology Company

HB was retained to find a Global Vice President of Sales to take cutting edge wireless/IP technology to market. HB identified four world-class candidates for the position in two months. A nationally known recruiting firm had taken nine months to find a Vice President of Marketing, and the individual was terminated after less than 100 days on the job.

When the capital markets contracted in early 2001, the client decided that they could not hire a Global Vice President of Sales. HB immediately constructed and presented the concept of a senior team of industry leaders who could act in an advisory role for the Client. The advisory team gives the Client fast access to key decision makers in targeted major accounts. Advisory team members are compensated with stock options to align the long-term interests of all parties. The plan was approved by the management team and by the board of directors and is aggressively moving forward.



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