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ESP - Executive Solutions Provider

An organization needs three basic ingredients to succeed: a plan, the people and effective execution. HB has a history of helping to develop and to translate your vision into an effective go to market message. We recruit the high performance individuals who are the most difficult to attract, but the most valuable to retain as part of your team. Whether an executive or a senior individual performer, the retention rate of our candidates is beyond any other firm in the market because our candidate believes in the company's strategy before joining. HB helps you to convert desire into profits.

HB achieves extraordinary results partly though investing significant amounts of time understanding both the company and the opportunity. We then craft an accurate but exciting description of the opportunity to present to potential candidates. A high level description of our process is as follows:

Interviews with the senior management team

HB spends time with the key group of people that would have to work with the new executive. Each person provides their perspective on the company, the opportunity, the challenges and on the company culture.

Opportunity Vision

HB takes the information gathered during the first step and weaves a compelling presentation of the opportunity, challenges, long-term direction, company culture and market position.

Opportunity presentation to the senior management team

The opportunity vision is now presented to the company's management team for comment and feedback. HB is now ready to begin the search process.



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